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Oak Furnitureland

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Oak Furnitureland

The goal

A process that created consistency in selling across the business.

The programme

A 3 month programme of classroom training, in-store follow-up, and manager development to support it.

Discovery call

Follow-up programme


Sales increase

Client testimonial

Richard Barnes

Regional Manager

Oak Furnitureland

Oak Furnitureland was founded in 2003 as an internet-only furniture retailer. They quickly became eBay’s largest UK customer, by volume, and due to customer demand opened its first bricks and mortar store on Boxing Day 2006. They have grown very quickly and now operate from 78 stores with a turnover of approximately £300 million.

The initial brief was to introduce an effective, customer-centric sales process, to deliver a consistent approach across the estate, and supporting manager training programme that could then coach the process effectively with existing team members and also with new salespeople.

Following meetings with the founder and his executive team we co-designed a selling process that tackled the following issues in face-to-face retail sales: Initial approach, Questioning skills, Listening and hearing, Reassurance, The intelligent use of finance, Improving sales of KPI's, and Closing.

We implemented the training in a Northern region supported by regional manager Richard Barnes and his management team.

I would absolutely recommend Adam and the team to any business that wants to increase sales through great training.

the experience of Adam and the team was obvious from day one. Together we collectively won the hearts and minds of my salespeople and managers enabling them to quickly learn a process that delivered results immediately. 

Everything that our team were taught was real, easy-to-implement, and effective in increasing sales. The feedback from delegates was very positive with really experienced salespeople saying they’d learned new skills that worked and my managers were much more able to coach their team and deliver motivational meetings.

I would absolutely recommend Adam and the team to any business that wants to increase sales through great training

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