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Why are we able to help furniture retailers achieve such great results?

Let me share some facts with you about our backstory and our approach…

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Who are FSS?

We’re the furniture sales experts.

People come to us because the bottom line just isn’t what it could be, they know sales can be improved.

The sheer number of furniture retailers we’ve worked with means we know what makes the difference.

We help enable you to make changes that lead to a confident sales team, delivering great numbers.

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Who do we work with?

We've worked with all the major national groups and many of the most long-standing independent furniture retailers in the UK and Ireland. We are also a prefered supplier of the AIS group with over 280 independent and family-owned businesses.

Within the furniture sector we’re normally hired to grow people to grow the business. We work with retail teams that sell sofas, beds, kitchens and carpets.

No business is too big or small to increase sales by a minimum of 10%, as long as everyone involved has the appetite for growth. We've tailored programmes for stores that turnover £500k, which we increased by 50%, to multi-nationals that trade in the hundreds of millions.

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How does it work?

It starts with a 30-min discovery call where we listen and offer initial advice free of charge.

We’ll meet you at your store for half a day, at no cost, to show you where improvements can be made.

Stores often hire us for a furniture sales programme that moves you towards best-practice quickly. With you, we'll co-design the right type of programme to deliver a guaranteed return on your investment.

Unlike most training companies we'll follow up in person to embed and ingrain attitudes and behaviours that maintain the highest level of performance long after our programme has finished.

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More Sales Guaranteed

Our "More Sales Guaranteed" promise is exactly that. If we don't deliver you don't pay.

Having done it so often we know we can grow profits and sales by a minimum of 10% for any furniture retailer.

So we make a pledge that you can ask for your money back if that doesn’t happen.

We’re absolutely happy to be measured, we relish it. We want a metric we can hold ourselves to account with, this will be agreed with you before we start any programme and measured along the way.

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Arrange a call

The simplest first step is the discovery call – it’s quick and always leaves you with value.

We’ll listen to you to understand your current challenges and the change you’re wanting to see. We'll share some free advice with you, and some real examples, so your growth journey can begin.

You can book a free, absolutely no hard sell, and no obligation call directly in our diary by clicking the Arrange a Call button.

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What's your sales performance score?

Take the 2-minute test to get your free report on your biggest opportunities to grow sales.

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Our success stories

Hi, We're FSS

We love to see confidence growing across sales teams as they deliver better and better results.

We've devoted our careers to sales training and have worked with many of the biggest furniture brands, including DFS, Oak Furniture Land, Dreams and Wren Kitchens.

We're here to share our wealth of experience so that your sales team can grow their confidence and put more sales on the bottom line too.

You can book a call in our diary directly – We'll be happy to answer your questions and share some insights with you free of charge and with no obligation.



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