Bedding sales training

Bedding sales can be a huge earner if you know how to sell them in the right way. Everybody needs a bed and everybody wants a bed that will give them a great night’s sleep.

These are two fantastic motivators that lay the groundwork for our record-breaking sales strategy. If you want to learn more about how we can tailor our strategy for your business then please arrange a call.

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Improving bedding sales

Working with FSS you’ll see significant changes in a couple of key areas.

We’ll help to increase the confidence of your salespeople by teaching them the secrets to better performance.

This increase in confidence will then translate to an increase in sales and an improvement on your bottom line by helping them to sell more and improve their average order value.

Bedding sales specialists

Years of experience in bedding sales means that we know exactly what issues you’re likely to come across in your sales process.

People buy a new bed very infrequently, usually only once they move into a new house or when the damage to their back is done. This means that your salespeople need to make the most out of every single sale.

With our tried-and-tested sales strategies you’ll instantly begin to see a vast increase in that vital statistic of cost per order.

The UK’s biggest brands

One of the main reasons we’re able to help retailers sell more bedding is that we’ve been in consultative big-ticket sales for over 40 years.

We’ve trained managers and salespeople from family-run, as well as bigger multinational bedding brands.

We’ve helped all of these companies achieve double-digit growth and can show examples of where we’ve done this.

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Addressing lost sales

We’re consistently able to find and correct areas where potential customers are dropping out of the sales funnel.

We haven’t yet come across a business where we weren’t able to resolve key issues that are responsible for lost sales.

We’re able to grow sales performance by 10%+ even in businesses where they are performing relatively well already.

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Growing confidence

One of the ways that we’re able to do this is by helping your sales team feel empowered, which helps to grow their confidence in the long-term.

This comes from combining our own methods, proven over years of management and training, and by addressing issues that are unique to you and your business.

It starts with simple steps, the first being to arrange a call, where we will share insights and ideas with you for free.

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What our clients say

The training was brilliant, relevant and easy to use with customers. Confidence and conversion increased significantly.

 I’d have no hesitation in recommending their training to any company that wants to build confidence and skills in their sales team.


Our programmes grow sales for furniture businesses by addressing classic mistakes and untapped opportunities.


We love seeing the sales teams we work with grow in confidence. And confidence is key, we can’t sell effectively without it.


So much good work is undone if we’re not able to close. Developing closing skills has a huge impact on performance.


Just measuring the right things and reporting them well makes a difference. We can’t improve something until we measure it.


5-star reviews feed sales so we create a fabulous genuine experience where we’re earning them every day.


Sales teams are often hampered by the range on display in-store, or the presentation of it. It’s one of the first things we fix.


We always find ways to make each sale you make more profitable, and ways to increase your average order value.

Our success stories


32% sales increase

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Harvey Norman

20-40% sales increase

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Oak Furnitureland

10%+ sales increase

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We love to see confidence growing across sales teams as they deliver better and better results.

We've devoted our careers to sales training and have worked with many of the biggest furniture brands, including DFS, Oak Furniture Land, Dreams and Wren Kitchens.

We're here to share our wealth of experience so that your sales team can grow their confidence and put more sales on the bottom line too.

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