Follow-up sales support

Once results improve you’ll want to know how we make it stick. It’s perfectly possible of course and follow-up sales support is the answer.


This is where best practice becomes second nature.

So we’ve completed a programme with you and your sales team are operating with confidence and your bottom line looks significantly better.

It feels great but there are new practices in play that we want to become ingrained so that the improved results we’re seeing stick for the long-term.

The arrangement will be tailored for you, it has to be that way as we’re all in furniture sales but we’re all in unique situations.

So a typical scenario is we’ve agreed a 1, 2, or 3 year plan with 6-initial full-day modules to achieve rapid change, and we’ve seen good results.

We’d then also build in a number of follow-up days spread over the 1-3 years to embed the improved performance and keep the new energy and culture alive.

Alongside that, we’re also available for sales support when it’s needed.

Sometimes that’s a phone call at 11 o’clock at night, or we jump on a Zoom call to clarify something.

The arrangement will be tailored for you, it has to be that way as we’re all in furniture sales but we’re all in unique situations.

It can also be something seasonal you have happening, a new promotion idea or an idea for change the sales team have been discussing.
Or in some cases it’s help with the hiring plan, getting the key people in quickly so we can really start affecting performance.

With our ongoing support, we’re providing support at director level or sales director level, in a virtual way - we’re there when needed.

And it does make the improvement stick because all of the FSS experience and approach is truly embedded, it’s available on tap.

It leaves us with an empowered team, feeling confident, seeing results from their new approaches, and assured that they can call on support when they need it.

It’s an approach that always works and that means we can say if we combine the right programmes with ongoing support to embed them, we can guarantee 10% growth in profit as a minimum from the activity.

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Our programmes grow sales for furniture businesses by addressing classic mistakes and untapped opportunities.


We love seeing the sales teams we work with grow in confidence. And confidence is key, we can’t sell effectively without it.


So much good work is undone if we’re not able to close. Developing closing skills has a huge impact on performance.


Just measuring the right things and reporting them well makes a difference. We can’t improve something until we measure it.


5-star reviews feed sales so we create a fabulous genuine experience where we’re earning them every day.


Sales teams are often hampered by the range on display in-store, or the presentation of it. It’s one of the first things we fix.


We always find ways to make each sale you make more profitable, and ways to increase your average order value.

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