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Harvey Norman

The goal

To deliver inspirational and relevant training to 170 salespeople that was very easy to use and worked.

The programme

We worked with Harvey Norman throughout the year virtually and in person, and with new stores and managers on everything that helps improve sales.

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Sales increase

Client testimonial

Iain Dearden

Furniture General Manager

Harvey Norman Sofas

Harvey Norman is Australia’s largest retailer with almost 300 stores worldwide.

We have 17 stores in Ireland, where we are now the largest retailer of home furnishings and electrical products. We offer our customers cutting-edge design at the very best value prices through our inspirational showrooms and helped by our furniture and bedding experts.

We are constantly investing in our most important asset, our people. We believe in giving our people the right tools to do the job which includes a great deal of product knowledge and selling skills.

Adam approached us a few years ago when we were engaged with a generic retail trainer and at that time, we were insufficiently convinced to use Adam. A couple of years later we wanted to give Adam an opportunity and we’re very glad that we did.

We trialed his course in 2 stores and the feedback and impact was great. So much so that we immediately put all our bedding and furniture salespeople through his training.

The impact that Adam’s training has had is substantial. Every day we secure orders we wouldn’t have without his training.

Since then we have used Adam to refresh, motivate and upskill our whole sales team to have much better conversations with customers and to close much more business. He knows our industry really well and can identify with the real issues and objections that our salespeople come up against every day.

We now also use Adam to train new salespeople, for new store openings and this year we are investing further in-store manager development. The impact that Adam’s training has had is substantial. Every day we secure orders we wouldn’t have without his training.

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