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Dixons Department Store

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The goal

Dixons are a long established family furnishing business. They wanted to review their in-store sales approach to improve results.

The programme

We worked with Dixons on a workshop initially with the furniture sales manager, then ran a longer programme with their whole team.

Discovery call

Follow-up programme


Sales increase

Client testimonial

Marie Dixon Dixons
Marie Dixon


Dixons Department Store

Since 1882 we’ve been a family furnishing business. Our reputation for quality products and great customer service has allowed us to grow and thrive through two World Wars, innumerable recessions, as well as economic and natural storms (our store flooding in 2009).

Today we trade from a large department store in Whitehaven and from a retail park in Workington.

We were aware of Adam’s good work from other people that we knew in our industry and we asked him to meet with us and look at our stores to see how he might help us further improve and grow.

After our meeting we decided to start with a sales training workshop for our furniture manager and his team. The impact and feedback was immediate and extremely positive. So much so that the 2-day course paid for itself in one sale within a week of the training.

Because Adam has such experience in our sector, he can relate to us and our conversation with our customers. We then decided to put all of our customer-facing staff through the same sales programme and again the impact was huge in growing confidence and inspiring our team to think and act differently.

I would recommend Adam to anyone who wants a trusted business partner, an industry expert, and a huge help in achieving their vision.

As we continued to work with Adam, he introduced us to other industry experts who have helped us enormously in specific areas. Our turnover is now … more than it was 3 years ago and we have grown our team, both in numbers and quality.

We are continuing our work with Adam as he helps and supports us in our future plans for growth.

I would recommend Adam to anyone who wants a trusted business partner, an industry expert, and a huge help in achieving their vision.”

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