Sales training programmes

Once we’ve agreed what’s needed to grow your sales you’ll have the option to take one of our programmes to make it happen.


This is where we start to see impact

We’ve done the initial analysis and we’re ready to work directly with you and start improving your numbers.

The programme we run will be tailored for you so that we know we’re covering the areas that are going to have impact.

Sales is obviously the cornerstone of most programmes as if we start improving sales early we start to see results early.

But there’s more to it than that.

Often there’s a module to review the presentation of your products, or to grow profit using interest-free credit or by growing average order value. 

We also often run modules to look at what we’re measuring, whether we have the right KPIs and whether we’re engaged with them as well as we could be.

So much of it is about the people.

One of our favourite sessions sees your team make a huge leap in a single day, with some unusual techniques that help them see how they come across to customers.

We learn skills together that enable us to ask the right questions in a sales environment and ask them with confidence, so we stay in control of the sale.

You’ll have a results-oriented business and a team of confident salespeople who genuinely love their work.

Most retailers book a series of days on more than one aspect of sales.

But it isn’t just about the time we’re with you.

The time in between sessions is just as useful as we leave you with challenges to report back on, so there’s accountability and engagement.

At the end of a session, we’ll invite you to go away and put what we’ve learned into practice and report back on what the results are.

The journey of change we make is that we start looking at our potential rather than our actual performance, and we start closing the gap.

Once you’ve been through one of our programmes you’ll have a results-oriented business and a team of confident salespeople who genuinely love their work.

It will show on your shop floor and your bottom line.

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Our programmes grow sales for furniture businesses by addressing classic mistakes and untapped opportunities.


We love seeing the sales teams we work with grow in confidence. And confidence is key, we can’t sell effectively without it.


So much good work is undone if we’re not able to close. Developing closing skills has a huge impact on performance.


Just measuring the right things and reporting them well makes a difference. We can’t improve something until we measure it.


5-star reviews feed sales so we create a fabulous genuine experience where we’re earning them every day.


Sales teams are often hampered by the range on display in-store, or the presentation of it. It’s one of the first things we fix.


We always find ways to make each sale you make more profitable, and ways to increase your average order value.

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We love to see confidence growing across sales teams as they deliver better and better results.

We've devoted our careers to sales training and have worked with many of the biggest furniture brands, including DFS, Oak Furniture Land, Dreams and Wren Kitchens.

We're here to share our wealth of experience so that your sales team can grow their confidence and put more sales on the bottom line too.

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