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Wren Kitchens

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Wren Kitchens

The goal

To help designers, without sales experience, to be able to convert more customers.

The programme

We created a sales workshop that gave the designers a clear selling structure and process to follow, as they designed the customers kitchen, by asking good questions, creating certainty for the customer, and closing by gaining confirmation and commitment.

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Sales increase

Client testimonial

Scott Mills

Retail Training Manager

Wren Kitchens

Wren Kitchens was founded in 2008, although they are no new kid on the block. They were the original founders of Hygena Kitchens, at its height the number one supplier of kitchens and bedrooms in the UK, and had successfully retailed and manufactured in the US for over 30 years before launching into its latest incarnation as Wren. They currently have 91 stores and a turnover of approximately £900 million.

At Wren, our kitchen designers are also our salespeople. We wanted to help our designers that had less sales experience to be more confident in dealing with customers and to have more selling skills in general.

One of our managers had worked with Adam previously and recommended them highly.

We worked with Adam to design a programme around our existing sales process and one that ticked all the boxes we felt necessary: Confidence, Conversation, Body language, Features and benefits, Listening, Establishing needs, Gaining commitment, and Getting conversion.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Adam to any company that wants to build confidence and skills in their sales team.

The training was brilliant, lots of fun and engaging that both stimulated thought from delegates and is relevant and easy to use with customers.

Confidence and conversion increased significantly across all the groups that were trained.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Adam to any company that wants to build confidence and skills in their sales team.

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